Opportunity Fair in  Durban

On November 26th, stockist of Winalite International PERENE held a small opportunity fair in  Durban. Top leaders PETRUS , GWENM and general manager of Winalite International South Africa Branch attended the fair. In the fair PERENE gave a product demonstration and Mr Junhui Shen, GM of Winalite International South Africa branch analyzed Winalite Sales Compensation Plan for Global Markets. As one of the leading figures in the distributors of South Africa, when PETRUS stepped on the stage he drew all audiences’ attention. He shared with everyone about his success with Winalite International and his experience encouraged all audiences fight together with Winalite International. GWENM also gave a brief presentation on how to promote Winalite’s product. This fair can be considered as a turning point for Winalite International in the market of Durban. More success can be expected in every cities in South Africa in the near future.


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